Top 7 Important Types of Label and Sticker Materials

Top 7 Important Types of Label and Sticker Materials

Labelling has a vital role in branding. Brand labeling is crucial to maintaining brand positioning since many brands use premium and minimal labels on their products. It makes authentic clothing easier to recognize.

Every clothing company aspires to use flawless labeling on their products to improve product quality and premiums. We also know that Levi's customers can quickly recognize authentic clothing by looking at the type of label and the materials used.

For example, certain labels are designed for specific environmental factors or business applications. Only some kinds of label material are suitable for some use. Every material has particular properties that guarantee its efficacy for a given service or assist you in realizing your intended design. After reading this post, which covers seven crucial label and sticker types, any business owner will be able to choose the ideal label type with ease.

Seven important types of label and sticker materials

Identification is made simpler by labeling, which also aids in guidance, informational dissemination, and caution. Seven label materials that are commonly used in industry are listed below.

1.    Industrial Vinyl

This material is the most commonly used and suitable for outdoor labels. Vinyl materials of high quality and industrial levels are used in manufacturing the stickers. It helps the stickers with 9 to 11 years of resistance from UV radiation. Also, labels that are made with industrial vinyl are chemical and weather resistant. Besides, this element offers adequate flexibility that makes it a good choice for the curved surface and also for the rivets. Some valuable applications of industrial vinyl labels are seen in pipeline labels, cable tray labels, fleet decals, and rental equipment.

2.    Polyester

The polyester labels are available in various forms and styles. The most common choice is a metalized appearance, which provides a mirror-like polish or chrome finish. It is occasionally mistaken for stainless steel. This material works well for indoor and outdoor use and is perfect for labeling control panels and pipes. The majority of polyester labels have an adhesive that lasts a long time and can easily survive challenging operating or weather conditions. Polyester materials come in a variety of well-liked options, like chrome or mirror-like finishes that resemble stainless steel.

3.    Recycled Labels

As the name implies, these labels are designed from 100% recycled materials. These labels are a  #55 paper material which means it is an ideal option for those who need an earthy appearance. Oil and water resistance are not features of Kraft labels since they are not meant to be laminated. When used with machinery, these labels are ideal. Vellum and Kraft labels are now the most commonly used types of recycled labels.

4.    Polypropylene Labels

Polypropylene labels are the perfect replacement for vinyl labels. It provides excellent solvent resistance properties to the labels. Polypropylene labels are more affordable than the vinyl and polyester labels. Also, they offer better clarity. These labels are distinguished depending on their casting, adhesive properties, and colors. A few types of polypropylene labels are available, such as Chrome BOPP labels, Clear BOPP Labels, Removable white BOPP labels, and White BOPP labels.

The chrome labels have a mirror like finish and they are resistant of oil and water. The clear labels are polypropylene materials with the same properties as chrome labels. Clear labels are also suitable for window stickers. The removable white labels are less adhesive than the other labels. Lastly, the white labels are permanent adhesive in nature and resistant to water and oils. These labels are the perfect choice for the body and bath products and other edible products.

5.    Satin Labels

These labels are made of satin acetate, which makes them ideal for spirit and wine labels. Satin labels are liable for adding a beautiful dimension to your product. These labels are also suitable for gifts on the holidays.

6.    Fluorescent paper Labels

The synthetic material is covered in flood coatings of these labels. The majority of foil and fluorescent paper labels come in various colors, including red, pink, orange, and green. These kinds of labels are meant to warn people.

7.    Foil Paper Labels

Foil paper labels are available in a wide range of color schemes like dull, bright, golden, and silver. These labels have a perfect application on food and holiday products.


Within the vast realm of decal materials, every variety fulfills a specific function and meets the various demands of both enterprises and private customers. Your project will be flawlessly completed thanks to the large selection of sticker materials available to you, regardless of your preferences for eco-friendliness, durability, or transparency.

At Royal Green Market, we recognize how important it is to select the appropriate sticker material, and we are here to assist you in adding flair and quality to your products to make them stand out. Investigate the options and allow your imagination to run wild with us!