How to Get Stickers Off Stainless Steel: Top 3 Methods

How to Get Stickers Off Stainless Steel: Top 3 Methods


Stainless steel is a popular surface material for putting stickers as it has a clean and smooth surface. People love to transform their fridges, bottles, and other steel items with customized stickers to add a touch of personalization. But the problem starts when we try to remove these stickers from the steel surface. Stickers made with vinyl materials are considered to be permanent and removing them can be a hardle. Peeling off these adhesive materials requires effective guidance.

It can be difficult to remove stickers from stainless steel, but it's crucial to do so without damaging the material. Here are three efficient ways to get rid of sticky residue without damaging the surface of stainless steel. When the stickers are removed, these techniques will help you maintain the clean, uncluttered appearance of your stainless steel items.

Top 3 Methods To Get Stickers Off Stainless Steel

Method 1: Apply Oil

This is the most popular method of removing stickers from stainless steel. This common household item is easy to get and comes with an effective solution. Remove as much of the sticker as possible while it's still dry, before dipping it into rubbing oil. One corner of the sticker should be slowly lifted and pulled up. Continue doing this until further peeling off becomes difficult. Lift a different corner and proceed if the sticker tears.

Next, use scrap paper or a newspaper to cover your work area. Another option is to use a large trash bag. This lessens the chance of oil spilling and leaving stains on your countertop or table. In the event of spills, place newspapers on the floor beneath you when you're working on an elevated surface, such as a refrigerator.

Applying an oil-soaked paper towel or soft cloth to the surface of stainless steel will help remove tenacious adhesive residue. Apply the oil to the sticker, making sure to concentrate on its strongest edges. Depending on the sticker's size and strength, let it sit for five minutes. To avoid damage, use the same cloth to remove the adhesive after five minutes, making sure to follow the surface's grain. Repeat the procedure with oil, wait five more minutes, and wipe the surface clean if any adhesive is still present. In the case of stubborn residue, a second pass might be required.

Method 2: Sticker-removing solution

The second method is applying a sticker-removing solution. You can find a sticker-removing solution in your local hardware store in different sizes. You can buy depending on your needs. WD-40 is a popular sticker-removing solution. After getting the solution bottle shake it well so that you can spray the solution over the surface ensuring you have covered the entire surface.

To remove sticky residue without damaging stainless steel, use a small amount of sticker-removing solution, being careful not to overspray.

Give the residue several minutes to absorb the solution. This time, allow the solution to dissolve the glue, which will facilitate the removal of residue with a wipe or scrape. If the sticker is on a vertical surface, you might want to give it another shot of solution to make sure it soaks in completely. Once you've given it some time, gently remove any remaining residue with a soft cotton cloth. Just a couple of light swipes should do. When scraping, use a blunt tool if at all possible to prevent sharp objects from damaging the stainless steel.

When the sticker is completely removed from the surface ensure you wash the surface with soap water to remove the traces of stickers.

Method 3: Apply Alcohol

Applying alcohol is another popular method to remove stickers conveniently from the stainless steel surface. Start by dabbing some alcohol onto a paper towel (you can spritz it directly onto the sticker if it's in a spray bottle). To enable the alcohol to break down the adhesive, let the towel rest over the sticker for a few minutes.

Once the alcohol has created its magic, gently rub the sticker with the paper towel and ensure you put on a slow and careful motion to avoid any scratches on the surface. Following these simple steps, most of the stickers are removed. If the residue of stickers remains on the surface then continue to scrub the edge of the stickers with the paper towel. For the stubborn stickers, add or spray more alcohol to peel it off completely.

After cleaning, if there's still adhesive, scrape it off with your fingernails, being careful to go with the stainless steel's grain to avoid scratches. Using alcohol that you probably already have at home, this method is simple to use, efficient, and reliable.


In conclusion, with the help of these three tried-and-true methods, removing stickers has become a stress-free task. The research work on these three methods has been done by the experts of Royal Green Market. Visit our website to purchase stickers of your choice.