About Us


Royal Green is a wonderful new venture for us that started because of our essential oil store, Aromata Oils. We were looking for labels for our essential oil bottlessomething high quality, practical and economical that also looks nice. When we couldn’t find exactly what we were looking for, we created our own labels. This worked out ideally so we started to sell the labels, which led to another special turn…

We discovered a packing company just around the corner, called Ability Firsta nonprofit organization that provides jobs for people with disabilities and offers them a way to be productive in the community. They do a fantastic job and our label business is now growing thanks to their help. And when you purchase from Royal Green, you make a difference in the world. It feels great to give back to be a part of the Ability First community, helping them as they help us. It’s a pure win-win!



At Royal Green, we take pride in bringing our customers high-quality, nice-looking products and great service. We want our clients to be happy and efficient in their day-to-day lives, be it at home or work. We’d like to make a difference by making life easier for them…and beautiful! We also enjoy making a difference in our community through our work with Ability First, It’s a wonderful win-win as we support a community that also supports us in packaging our product and getting it out on time, providing quick product turnaround and supporting our dot stickers, color coding labels business.



We specialize in making all kinds of labels. Many are premade and we also love to customize to give our clients exactly what they need to be efficient and stylish! No label or order size is too big or too small. We love to work with all kinds of clientsfrom small schools and libraries to big laboratories, industrial manufacturers and other industries and everything in between. Our turnaround is typically four days and we can rush that as needed. We bring labels and other products from all over the world, but the majority are made in the USA so we can be sure to keep that quick turnaround.