The Psychology of Sticker Marketing: How Stickers Influence Emotions a

The Psychology of Sticker Marketing: How Stickers Influence Emotions and Behaviors

We come across various stickers every day. Whether in a shopping mall buying something or looking for some colorful add-ons to make a gift wrap more appealing, stickers have become so common that there’s a high chance even you might have seen one recently or used one.

But have you ever wondered why? Why and how did stickers come this far? Where did it all begin and how did it become so popular? Well, you see, there’s a very specific way different stickers such as price stickers and colorful stickers affect the human mind.

Stickers fulfill that requirement and attract visual attention effectively.

But that isn’t all. In this detailed article, we will understand how stickers work and how the psychology of the human mind relating to emotions and decision-making gets affected by stickers and visual cues. Let’s take a deep dive and get a closer look at this –

Stickers are Known for Leaving a Lasting Impression on the Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind might be subtly affected by stickers, yet they nevertheless have a significant impact. With their vivid colors and intriguing shapes, they have a strong visual appeal that draws the eye and stimulates particular cerebral circuits involved in visual processing.

Color stickers can act as priming stimuli, evoking ideas, sentiments, and feelings that influence how someone will act in the future. Stickers work by invoking particular emotions, like joy or excitement, through emotional triggers, quietly influencing attitudes and actions.

With repeated exposure, patterns, symbols, or messages from stickers, the information gets ingrained in the mind, influencing decision-making processes in the future in unexpected situations. Stickers can train and reinforce behavior over time, which makes them a powerful tool.

How? We will understand this with an example –

A schoolboy sees some colorful customized dot stickers featuring the logo of a popular burger brand in the trashcan. On the way home, he was feeling hungry so he entered a food court, where he saw a lot of different burger brands. But the boy chooses the burger shop whose sticker he saw before.

Why did he do that? He probably even forgot that he saw any sticker of that brand, then why does this happen?

The answer is simple. The subconscious mind is familiar with the brand name and the design that is seen earlier, so in a crowd of unknown brands, the one familiar brand becomes the obvious choice, without the person even realizing it.

The Advantages of Sticker Marketing

• Cheap, simple, and readily available

Stickers are an interestingly attractive add-on to anything. They can be used to decorate items, products, packaging, someone’s room, books, and so on. Price stickers can add a professional look to products by displaying accurate information.

Their cheap prices and availability make them a very viable option for product marketing and brand marketing alike. Their simple and visually intriguing nature also attracts more people as compared to expensive alternatives such as using a screen for advertisement.

• Visually and mentally stimulating

Stickers often feature a colorful design that can knock on your mind’s curiosity. They are visually stimulating and can send signals to your brain that encourage using the sticker and getting familiar with the subject the logo represents: in this case, it is the brand.

Even simple dot stickers featuring a simple logo can leave a lasting and prominent effect on the mind as it instills an image of the brand and familiarizes them with it. This can also affect decision-making to some extent indirectly which encourages them to associate with the familiar brand.

Likeable and Easy to Use
Stickers are loved and adored by all. They are attractive, easy to use, and still relevant to this date! Everyone likes sticking something unique and eye-catching somewhere! There’s no explanation for this, it’s just fun! Stickers are, simply put, incredibly fun and attention-grabbing!

It’s no surprise that people use color stickers wherever they get the opportunity. Plus, if people get their hands on stickers of a brand, they will start sticking those stickers here and there, and well, that’s free marketing for that brand!

How to Incorporate Stickers into Smart Marketing Strategies

Stickers can be used for more than many ways that you can imagine. Guerilla marketing is a collective term used for common strategies through which brands can accelerate their marketing and advertising models on a larger scale.

Dot stickers can be an excellent tool for guerilla marketing for brands that are trying to find more engagement. Guerilla marketing focuses on low-cost strategies that provide more value than the investment, and stickers are an excellent choice for that.

It is always necessary to be aware of the legal regulations of different regions while implying guerilla marketing tactics anywhere in the world. Research and gather the necessary data before implying specific guerilla marketing tactics as many countries have different sets of laws.

Guerilla Marketing Strategies

Using stickers for guerilla marketing is a cost-efficient and extremely successful way to raise awareness of your business. Businesses can attract the attention of their target market and generate excitement about their brand by using stickers in creative ways.

Designing stickers that are aesthetically pleasing and easily fit into urban settings is one tactic, but it is crucial to ensure that sticker placement complies with local regulations and adheres to legal requirements.

Sticker bombing is a different strategy, in which a variety of stickers are placed on certain surfaces or locations, such as stalls in public restrooms, subway stations, or bus stops. Through the creation of a captivating collage, the brand attracts attention from onlookers and starts dialogues.

Stickers can be placed covertly in unexpected places, such as the bottom of coffee cups, the back of lavatory stall doors, or inside of library books, as part of stealth marketing.

Working together with nearby companies or places with a comparable target market can be advantageous. Sticker swaps entail trading stickers with these partners to motivate them to display the brand's stickers in their businesses and to receive the same courtesy in return.

Stickers can be used to advertise events. The event gets a lot of attention when stickers are distributed to attendees and encouraged to wear them as badges or stick them on their clothing. As a result, there is a stronger sense of community among visitors and increased interest and anticipation.

Standard Marketing Tips
Here are the easiest and most viable tips for utilizing stickers in your marketing strategy for heightened engagement –

  • Use price stickers for proper product pricing and to give a professional and informative look to your products.
  • Use attractive and uniquely designed color stickers featuring your brand’s name or logo for visibility among people.
  • Distribute and give away small dot stickers featuring your brand’s logo along with your products. People using these stickers will promote your brand and create a sense of trust among users for being able to feel like a part of the brand’s marketing tactic.
  • Distribute stickers in promotional events and product marketing campaigns and encourage people to use them for fun. This can also lead to low-effort marketing which is actually very effective and can be spread easily among the masses.
  • Use stickers and limited-edition collectibles to offer discounts and special deals. Your customers will feel rewarded and will be more likely to associate with your brand in the future. Specific stickers can be collected for claiming a small reward given as a token of appreciation.


In conclusion, stickers play a powerful role in marketing by leaving a lasting impression on the subconscious mind, influencing emotions and behaviors. They are visually and mentally stimulating, easy to use, and attract attention.

Incorporating stickers into smart marketing strategies, such as guerilla marketing, can increase brand visibility and generate excitement. Commonly, stickers can be used in standard marketing practices to enhance product pricing, promote events, and create a sense of community as well.

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