Sticker Marketing for Startups: 10 Effective and Cheap Marketing Strat

Sticker Marketing for Startups: 10 Effective and Cheap Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Startups and small-scale businesses require funds for promoting their businesses at the beginning stages and it’s crucial. Without proper marketing and brand promotion, a brand cannot become known to the public, which results in people showing a preference for other brands over yours.

If you’re looking for the best marketing strategy for your brand‘s starting phase, remember that saving funds and keeping the costs in check is just as important to prevent extreme cases like bankruptcy and failure of the startup as funds are important for ensuring stability for the future.

And as we know, marketing, whether it be advertisement or influencer promotions, gets costly most of the time and can be financially challenging to most small-scale brands and startups.

So, is there any way they can efficiently carry out marketing without spending too much?

The answer is, shockingly, yes. Brands with smaller financial reserves can try opting for a marketing strategy that is both effective and cheap. This is where stickers marketing comes in. Using business stickers can be a great way to promote your brand without spending so much on marketing.

In this article, we have listed down 10 effective and cheap marketing strategies for small businesses and startup companies that will help them to promote their brand without spending a fortune, opening the way towards effective marketing while cutting a lot of costs with the help of stickers.

Hop in if you’re ready for the ride!

1. Sticker Branding:

As we know, stickers make excellent branding instruments and fulfill all the requirements of a brand looking forward to a cost-effective marketing tool that is also capable of affecting minds. Stickers are a fun, cheap, and extremely effective marketing tool due to their ability to stick anywhere.

Small dot stickers bearing the brand’s logo or name or an attractive design can be given out to customers or even enthusiasts who just visit you, and thanks to the fun nature of stickers, people will gladly use them anywhere they like, which lets other people see your logo.

Students can use the stickers on their lockers, similarly if the design is attractive enough, people might even start using your brand’s stickers to decorate their rooms, spaces, office desks etc, which leads to even higher recognition.

2.Loyalty Program:

Reward your frequent visitors and regular customers with special stickers that identify them as special and loyal customers. Doing this boosts their morale and motivates them to be closer to the brand, strengthening customer-brand relations, which might motivate others to be a customer of your brand as well.

With something as simple as giving out special business stickers, brands can create a lasting bond with their followers and ensure a stable engagement rate.

3.Vehicle Advertisements:

Rectangular labels bearing information and customized brand stickers can be placed on your company’s vehicles to turn them into moving brand advertisement machines! Use colorful and eye-catching stickers for grabbing the attention of every passer-by who’s present around the vehicle.

Stickers are notoriously known for affecting the subconscious mind even if people don’t remember your brand or know much about it. The fact that people have seen your brand’s logo somewhere affects their decision-making process when they come across your brand among other unknown ones.

4.Sticker Giveaways:

Giveaway free dot stickers bearing your brand’s logo to your customers and visitors every time they encounter your brand.

Doing this is a surefire way to increase engagement as this encourages positive emotions and also widens your brand’s overall marketing structure as the stickers continue to display your brand’s initials as they are used.

5.Guerilla Marketing Tactics:

For this one, be careful and always be aware of the laws and regulations surrounding your region, as guerilla marketing is not allowed in some places of the world.

Guerilla Marketing with stickers involves placing business stickers strategically in high-traffic public areas, distributing stickers freely at events or locations, collaborating with complementary businesses to cross-promote, or turning personal or public vehicles into mobile advertisements by placing stickers on them.

Be careful while applying guerilla marketing strategies as the laws surrounding it vary depending on the region. If you’re looking for more of the conventional ways of marketing, our next strategy might be the one that’s more appropriate for you.

6.Reward System Collectibles:

Creating a reward system for boosting customer trust and increasing sales is also a wonderful marketing strategy that can be applied with the help of stickers. Give out specially designed dot stickers to customers every time they buy something.

These stickers can be collected for points and when someone collects enough points, they can claim a small gift like an appreciation token or a memento representing your brand’s logo or mascot for even wider reach and increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

7.Packaging Enhancement:

If your brand sells products, the products can be packaged and topped with a small sticker representing your brand’s details. This heightens the attractiveness of the packaging which in turn increases customer satisfaction, motivating people to use your business stickers and stretch your brand’s visibility in the process.Using stickers with a captivating and eye-catching design is recommended. Incorporate your brand’s initials into creative designs for maximizing chances of usage by customers. People like to stick good-looking stickers after all.

8.Seasonal Campaigns:

During special holidays and events, use special themed stickers and give them out to your people for boosting that nostalgic celebration feel. For example, give out Christmas-themed stickers bearing your brand’s logo to your customers and visitors.

They will be very likely to stick those stickers in places they visit to celebrate the Christmas vibe.

9.Discount Token Collectibles:

Similar to the reward system strategy, you can give out collectible business stickers for a limited period of time that if collected, can be shown and exchanged for a discount coupon. This rewards existing and frequent customers who support your brand and also motivates them to speak well of your brand to others, and even encourages them to use your brand’s stickers for increasing your reach.

10.Professional Labeling:

Price stickers and other minimalistic stickers such as rectangular labels give a brand’s product and its packaging a professional look and provide the necessary information to the customers, enabling them to read about your product and understand whether the product would be suitable for them. This greatly affects decision-making.

Products that don’t provide information properly such as manufacturing and expiry dates, materials used, etc. create an extremely unprofessional image for the brand and its products. Stickers can help diminish these factors and also serve as marketing tools with their designs and initials.


Stickers are a fantastic way to pump up any brand’s marketing game significantly, involving customers directly to make them feel more connected to a brand. When effectively leveraged, these mentioned strategies can give brands an effective, budget-friendly way to promote the brand and strengthen customer bonding at the same time.

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