How to Start Using Stickers for Arranging Your Bookshelf and Maintain

How to Start Using Stickers for Arranging Your Bookshelf and Maintain Them Properly

Bookshelves are more than just storage spaces. They contain your most valued treasures and keep them together in one easy-to-access place. But often, bookshelves get clogged and jammed with books, and finding the right books becomes tough in the process.

There are numerous ways you can arrange your bookshelf for better sorting and ordering, and one of the most effective methods for this is a rather simple one, using stickers!

Stickers can be a fun and visually attention-grabbing addition to your shelf and books that are easily available and are also incredibly cheap. We are here with a detailed guide to help you arrange your bookshelf quickly and easily for no hassle in the future.

Let’s dive in if you’re ready to unleash your creative mind upon organizing your shelf!

Book Spine Marking:

The spine of your book is the vertical lining of your book, the edge of the book where you can’t touch the pages. If you have many books that look the same, you can try labeling or marking their spines to easily identify them when they are stacked on top of each other or side-by-side.

Marking the spine of your book is easy! Pick your favorite color stickers and start marking your book spines by sticking them in order.

You can also write on the stickers for even easier identification of the books. Dot stickers can be a fine and easy way to mark book spines without covering many areas of the spine if you are looking forward to marking your book spines without covering their intricate designs if they have any.


Bookshelves usually contain sections that are made for grouping books together, but without a specific pointer or marker, it might be difficult to understand which group is which, and that leads to confusion later while searching for a specific book.

Luckily, you can get your hands on some stickers for shelves that will be able to easily differentiate the groups of the shelves and aid you in determining different sections for different groups.

For example, you can try stacking all encyclopedias in one of the sections of the bookshelf, and on the topmost part of the section, you can stick a label that you can write on “Encyclopedias” or use small dot stickers to color code different sections such as marking the encyclopedia section with a blue dot and marking the notebooks section with a yellow one.


You can use attractive wall stickers for shelves to add a visually appealing look to your bookshelf if you think it looks too bland for your vibe. Try adding details and using specific color stickers to reflect your taste and personality onto your shelf that fits your mood and aesthetic.

Try using a mash of different colors that are eye-catching and easily visible. You can try experimenting to come up with new patterns and interesting designs.

You can also change the theme of your bookshelf over time with the help of stickers. Artistic stickers that bear various designs can be a cheap and easy way to give your bookshelf a modern and appealing look without spending much time.

Themed Sectioning:

Themed sectioning can be an awesome way of showcasing your artistic skills to give your bookshelf a special touch. You can try to theme your bookshelf sections differently for a creative and minimalistic look that is both mind-boggling and pleasing to look at.

You can try marking different sections of your bookshelf with stickers that will each represent a distinct group’s features.

For example, if you have a lot of books focusing on travel, you can try using light blue color stickers that represent the sky or unique stickers for shelves that give it a travel vibe. You can use creative ideas such as using an airplane and some cloud stickers to further link traveling aesthetics.

Back Panel Decoration:

The backside of the bookshelf can look empty and hollow without something customizing its appearance. You can use wall stickers for shelves or other artistically pleasing designs that resonate well with your room’s appearance.

You can try complementing your shelf with abstract patterns, natural landscapes, or anything that you consider attractive.

Just as it is important to pick stickers that best reflect your personality, maintaining your bookshelf with time and conducting occasional cleaning sessions is also important to keep stickers fresh and keep your bookshelf neat and tidy.

How to Maintain Your Bookshelf Properly:

There are a handful of easy strategies that you can incorporate into your bookshelf-maintaining sessions that would aid you in managing your bookshelf. Let us look at 5 things you need to take care of to ensure proper maintenance of your bookshelf every once in a while.

Regular Dusting:

Dust your bookshelf regularly with a damp piece of cloth or a light dusting broom to get rid of the constantly collecting residual particles on the bookshelf for a cleaner appearance and to avoid stickers from wearing out quickly.

Marking New Books:

As you expand your vast collection over time, be sure to always mark new books while adding them to your bookshelf. Routinely be on the lookout checking for unmarked books to avoid future confusion and further sorting issues.

Replacing Worn-Out Stickers:

The adhesive in stickers might wear out over time due. Always check for worn-out stickers and be sure to replace them with new ones as they slowly lose their grip. Doing this will ensure proper ordering and prevent the chances of jumbling up new books on the shelf.


Occasionally re-arranging your books will prevent arrangement issues that arise gradually over repeated use. Constantly taking out books and placing them always in the right order is not possible with every use, so the arrangement gets deterred.

Re-arranging the bookshelf every once in a while prevents this with ease. Color stickers that your eyes find the most vibrant are excellent for creating eye-catching and prominent labels and markings, while rearranging helps you to have proper knowledge about your books and their placement.

With just a handful of your favorite dot stickers and some occasional maintenance, you can manage your bookshelf for easier access to your desired books while also keeping it squeaky clean, and attractive looking.


Using stickers to arrange your bookshelf is a creative and practical way to bring organization and visual appeal to your collection. By marking book spines, sectioning your shelves, and personalizing with color stickers, you can easily locate and showcase your books.

Regular maintenance, such as dusting, marking new books, replacing worn-out stickers, and occasional re-arranging, will keep your bookshelf looking fresh and attractive. So, unleash your creativity and transform your bookshelf into a captivating space with the help of stickers!

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